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The use of knowledge shoes glue

Reproduced glue nets

Do the shoe to use glue, this article refers to the sole and vamp with glue with. Shoes with the environmental protection glue of classified into three kinds

A, contain benzene glue

Contain benzene glue just as its name implies is to use the benzene as solvent a glue. This glue the cheapest, is usually we said of tin shoes with glue, so cheap shoes forever with a shares the pungent odor of glue taste. Of course benzene to the person's body is quite harmful.

Second, no benzene glue

No benzene gum is in other chemicals alternative benzene as solvent, in recent years, with the widespread use of glue, and performance is stable. Smell is not big, damage to human body is small.

Three, water-borne glue

Water-borne glue is at present the most environmental protection glue, but after so many years of trying, the effect still is not the most ideal. At present, only NIKE.

ADIDAS first big sports brand in use. Great environmental protection. The price is much higher than regular glue. (water-borne glue, the water is as solvent ah, that wears, meet, glue water and easy to dissolve.

Glue in use process before, is to temporary join around 10%, drying faster or slower dry, add the glue after in the stipulated time must be used up. Glue and and potions (you can understand the potion into catalyst) at a certain temperature, time, to produce the best adhesion effect.

Some make low price factory, won't notice that the usage of the glue, time, temperature and time control also not strictly, (this is to increase the cost of). So will appear you see shoes are very easy to KaiJiao.

Doing quality of shoes factory to shoes are all the strict testing equipment, do homework every day tension experiment (check KaiJiao).


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