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Quality first customer first

Our quality policy: solidarity create sustainable improvement of customer satisfaction, quality
Our quality goal: Customer Satisfaction: 99%
Products on-time delivery rate: 100%
Product quality complaint rate: <100,000 ft2, 3-5 were
200,000 ft2, 4-6 were
Quality return rates: <150,000 ft2, 0
150,000 ft2, a

JinCheng Glue, in 2007 passed the ISO9000: 2000 quality management system certification in 2009 through the United States UL certification; this is hard work of all staff the results of the company in quality management to a new round stage, a faster more moderate pace to the world, to reach excellence!

Quality is the life, all the staff for the survival of product quality as the driving force, product quality can be guaranteed, enterprises can expand the space. Since its inception, the implementation of quality and efficiency to survive, to cost control for efficiency, technical progress and development to the implementation of ISO9000 quality standard system and have a sound management system and access to business and social benefits.

Step by step through the management and grassroots advocacy staff's quality consciousness, full indoctrination product quality, service quality, the quality of the supremacy of stability, sound management organizations, to deepen the quality assurance system, the implementation of quality management by objectives, strengthen the quality of training, to create quality culture in order to achieve full, the whole process, enterprise-wide management. In the contract review, procurement, document control, internal control staff training processes, quality systems auditing, corrective action, inspection and testing areas, establish a set of consistent with the ISO9000 quality assurance system, combined with the ISO9000 quality certification, our products, the production process in strict accordance with procedures to run the file, the company's products and services with a reliable protection, while also promoting a raw material supplier quality management standards, to create a good social benefits.

In order to better evaluate the quality system compliance and operational effectiveness, to achieve continuous improvement of product quality, the company in accordance with the requirements of ISO9000 quality system, periodic internal audits, track a radical improvement, the operation of the department based on the company's quality policy and quality objectives established specific procedures, a new member of the original team started training and regular assessment to ensure continuous and effective quality system.

Quality assurance system, not the quality of activities by the end, but the quality of a new round of activity began to trek. Company in addition to rigorous training and examination to improve the internal management, but also continued with leading training institutions, training for a management system to absorb the industry's advanced management method, with the business practice, so that we step into a world-class leader in the ranks of circuit boards, and under the guidance of the company's quality policy to create new glory!


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