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China adhesives industry association, the 7 th the second council meeting held in hangzhou

Turn from hangzhou nets

China adhesives industry association of 7 second council in May 2011, 18 to 19, held in hangzhou city, zhejiang province. Take part in the meeting are: ChenQi, phoenix, constant LiuWanZhang, ZhangFeng flourish, ZhaiHaiChao, WuWeiQing, HeHanJian, vice chairman, YangXu secretary general, standing directors, directors altogether 56 people, because things out 15 people, meeting with a quorum. Association agencies-the secretariat are also part of the meeting to attend.

The meeting ZhangFeng respectively by vice chairman of the ChenQi, vice chairman of the chair. The meeting reviewed listened to and vice chairman of the ChenQi comrades do "China adhesives industry association of 7 second council work report", vice chairman of the excess of constant comrades "China adhesives industry association building adhesives professional committee established by the progress and work plan" report, deputy director-general ZhaiHaiChao comrades do "China synthesis adhesives and tape industry '1025' development planning guidance" report. The meeting also listen to and examined the phoenix vice director of comrade "China adhesives industry association for a change in the name and work progress" report, vice director of comrade LiuWanZhang "China adhesives industry association, the new members and dismiss member development instructions", vice director of comrade ZhangFeng "China adhesives industry association plans to group in 2012's world adhesive congress" report, deputy director-general HeHanJian comrades do to "accelerate the pressure sensitive adhesive products industry science and technology innovation and transformation and upgrading of products" report, deputy director-general ZhaiHaiChao comrades do "professional achievements quality-tianshan company innovation development road" of the report, vice director of comrade WuWeiQing "in the adhesive industry advance science and technology innovation and responsible care" report, the secretary-general YangXu comrades do "China adhesives industry association to visit Europe advice working summary".

The meeting think: the whole industry association in propaganda seriously implement the scientific development concept, the transformation of economic growth mode, vigorously promote "industry structure adjustment" and "product upgrading", to speed up the development of "environmental protection and energy saving" and "high-tech" products as center work to grasp, actively promote "adhesive industry '1025' development planning guidance" implementation, cooperate with the government department formulate related product access requirements and standards, effectively excess capacity products and solvent products too rapidly, reduce and eliminate harmful substances in the product, the content of promoting our country's adhesive tape industry and health, sustained and rapid development.

The meeting stressed: in the adhesive industry to advocate and promote the "science and technology innovation" and "responsibility care", make the industry enterprise can pay attention to the independent innovation, science and technology, research and development, make the adhesive industry has become a science and technology content high, the economic efficiency and the social efficiency good advantage industry, make our enterprise can strictly abide by the relevant state laws and regulations, earnestly perform their social responsibilities, efforts, and for building a resource-conserving, environment-friendly society to contribute their strength.

To the association for one year for industry services, in for the member enterprise do practical things out, reflected the enterprise pursuit, and prepare industry "1025" development planning, efforts to build a platform for communication, strengthen the construction of their work and achieved said positive and satisfaction.


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