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China's exports to the United States chemical agent will impose anti-dumping

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The United States international trade commission 19, announced that it has imported from China to the United States chemical agent related industry cause substantial damage, will the product to impose anti-dumping the us international trade commission to make the final day, six members agreed that imports from China to the United States chemical agent related industry cause substantial damage, so the us department of commerce will request the customs office to this product anti-dumping duties. According to the international trade commission data, in 2011 the United States similar products manufacturers only three. The us department of commerce on March 20, had made the final positive, that China mainland and Taiwan region of the chemical agent producers or exporters sales in the United States are dumping behavior, dumping 63.98% to 109.95% and 6.2% respectively. In 2011, the United States from mainland China imports of such products worth up to $38.9 million, from Taiwan imports for $18.9 million. The United States government now faces weak economic recovery and the political pressures of the general election, since this year trade protectionism obvious to heat up. China's ministry of commerce have repeatedly said that the us government adhere to the against protectionism commitment, work together to maintain a free, open and fair international trade environment, with a more rational methods to properly deal with trade friction.

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