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JinCheng founded in 1986 in Taiwan kaohsiung city, is specializing in the production of EPOXY resin AB dehydration (EPOXY) and various hardener industrial company. In 1998 enters and is stationed in the mainland market in 2004, and was established in huizhou, guangdong province "JinCheng Glue (huizhou) co., LTD.", and set up r&d room, can according to manufacturer needs, allocate applicable products. Our products applicable scope: process industry: trademark, badge, aluminum plate, crystal sticker, picture frames, button plane soft hard dehydration; Jewelry industry: hairpin, xionghua, Christmas ornaments arc class check the cancellation of soft and hard mass glue; Silk HuaYe: rain and dew agent, filling with soft hard mass false water; Hardware industry: filter, emery cloth wheel perfusion, hand tools, locks, etc then; Electronics industry: electronic components encapsulation, infusion, then etc dehydration; Mould industry: auto mould, fixture, shoes with, all kinds of mold, model with generation wood, paste adhesive; Curing agent: zipper paint curing agent, epoxy floor (bottom, medium and surface) coating curing agent with overlap, potting, then (transparent) curing agent, glass screen printing ink curing agent, etc.; Stone: stone dry guangxi and handicraft filling, including dipping, then use glue; EPOXY PU resin floor engineering construction and materials; Civil construction with adhesive in various industrial adhesive. Our company adopts imported raw materials and advanced and production technology, by rigorous Taiwan management mode control of the production process. We will unswervingly carry out practical, the innovation spirit of enterprise, to provide the perfect satisfactory solutions and products, welcome new and old customers to inquire! 

Sincerely thank the customers friends in the love and support, and expect to continue to work together for a better tomorrow!



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